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The light that gilds the trees…

This light found me while I was impatiently waiting for a stop light to change, dreading the fact that the sky would be dark by 5 pm. I was stopped high on a steep street, grumpily waiting to proceed, when the gold light that lurks at the edge of day hit the treetops, rolling away […]

Beyond the Surface Show Til Dec 8

Let me tell you about the river land that became a city… As I stand by the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, I look at what is and wonder how it used to be. As an artist who makes art about the places I love, I ask, “What more can be known about this place?” […]

Expert Witnesses

I was taught by expert lookers that there is more to know than just the surface. I grew up in small Midwestern towns, spending summers on my grandparent’s farm with storytellers—people who noticed the ordinary but remarkable things that surround us. “Look at that,“ my grandmother would say as she pointed out a piece of […]

Art Rooted in the Earth

As a practicing artist, I exercise my curiosity about any place I want to express in my art work. I look, then I look it up, and ask, “what more can I know about this place?” I use mixed media and fiber techniques in painterly layers to effectively express the visual richness I experience in […]