Monday sun day

Monday sun day

March 14, 2011
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Today the sun was out all day and the temp went above freezing letting our preoccupation with winter lessen for a moment. A day just for the enjoyment of sunlight and dripping. The artist sitting on the loading dock as I walked into the studio described it as the feeling when the itch stops. I made good progress on the water light pieces I am working on. Particularly happy with a layering of pale green, blue, and silky white threads delineating a curve.
Photos didn’t do it justice so I won’t post them, but my eye tells me it did just what I wanted it to do.

About Author

About Deborah

Working Artist in Minneapolis Mn using a variety of media but considers fiber to be the basis and foundation of her art works. Entranced by the light and transformation available through out the year in her geographic location but sometimes impatient with time lines out side of her control. (Winter can get long in Minneapolis)

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