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It is the middle of a snowy winter. My most dependable source of color are the materials for making art in my studio. But there are the occasional gifts of light and circumstance that give me a visual reward for paying attention. Last week a purge of stacks left a stray crumpled bundle of orange tissue on top of my drawing table in front of my east facing window. I hadn’t noticed it when I”d looked out the window to see  the treetops and distant apartment complex go coppery as the sun went down and the light went red. But when I turned back a bit later the sky was going purple blue, the window was darker, & the halogen light directly over the orange paper was now making it glow.  Then a visual bonus!   A train went past with an orange freight car, then blue, red, and orange again. There was enough red light left in the dimming sky to make  the cars glow against the deepening purple blue sky. All of it together was just stunning and it was just there for those moments as the light changed and the train passed. A random bestowal of beauty on the edge of a winter day.